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워낙에 계산기를 예전부터 써온 관계로 윈도우에 있는 계산기는 거의 사용하지 않는데, m4655 pda에서 hicalc를 사용하다가보니 계산기보다 더 마음에 들어서 pc용을 찾아보니 같은회사에서 두가지 버전을 모두 만들어 놓았다는...

공학용 계산기는 물론이거니와 미분, 적분, 회계, 메트릭스, 환율, 바이오리듬, 면적 변환, 단위 변환 등등의 다양한 기능을 제공...

이것 하나만 손에 익혀 놓고, 사무실이나 집에서는 이 프로그램을 사용하고, 밖에서는 m4650 에서 이것을 사용하면 괜찮을듯...

뭐 사칙연산정도만 사용한다면 굳이 필요없지만, 복잡한 기능이라도 간혹 사용을 하게 된다면, 이런 프로그램정도 하나 익숙하게 숙지해 놓는다면 좋을듯...

그나저나 이런 모바일 프로그램덕에 계산기와 같은 전자기기들도 하나둘씩 사라져 가지 않을까 싶은 생각이...

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HiCALC - Your Trusted Calculator for Desktop PC with 12 modules - Arithmetic, Trigonometry, Matrices, Constants, Finance, Statistics, Biorhythm, Tip, Currency Converter, Unit converter, Base conversion and User’s macro. The Desktop version includes all features as in Pocket PC version

HiCalc Features:

  • Improved matrix functions
  • Online update currency exchange rate daily and support 186 currencies
  • Smart input which allow to input complicated expression
  • Show expression as normal writing mode(really useful for complicated expression)
  • Show function's tooltip for fast enter expression
  • Skinable and sound support
  • Full feature trial version for 14 days.

    Basic functions

    HiCALC supports:

    Most of basically Arithmetical functions:+, -, x, ÷, +/-, 1/x, %, x², x³, x^y, exp, 10^x, e^x, log, ln, (!), Modulus....

    And Trigonometric functions:

  • Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Cosecant, Secant
  • Hyperbolic(sine, cosine, tangent)
  • Inverse(sine, cosine, tangent, cosecant, secant)
  • Inverse hyperbolic(sine, cosine, tangent)

  • Scientific Functions

    HiCALC not only supports basic functions but also supports a set of important advanced functions:

  • Derivation function
  • Evaluation function
  • Integration function
  • Root-Finder and Product function
  • Greatest Common Divisor
  • Least Common Multiple
  • Fibonacci function.

  • Financial Functions

    Supplies financial functions:

  • Present Value (PV), Future Value
  • Interest Rate, Payment Amount
  • Mortgage and Loan calculator
  • The total number of payment periods(NPER)
  • Straight-line depreciation (SLN)
  • Depreciation of an asset for a specified period using the fixed-declining balance method(DB)

  • Matrices Functions

    Other than supporting basic functions such as +, -, x, ÷ matrices, HiCalc supplies matrices functions:

  • Determinant of matrix (DET)
  • Invert a matrix (INV)
  • Eigenvectors of matrix (EIGV)
  • Eigenvalues of matrix (EIGL)
  • Orthogonal matrix (ORTH)
  • Rank of matrix (RANK)
  • Transpose of matrix (TRANS)
  • Triangle matrix (TRI)
  • Solves a linear system AX =B

  • Statistics Functions

    HiCalc supplies Statistics functions:
  • Summation of Data
  • Summation of Squares of Data
  • Population standard deviation
  • Sample standard deviation
  • The mean (arithmetic average)
  • Geometric mean (GM)
  • The median of the given numbers
  • The average of the absolute deviations(AVD)
  • Summation of squares of deviations
  • nPr, nCr, Min, Max and more...

  • Currency Converter

    This converter helps you to convert currency values to various currencies. The currency converter will convert between over 186different currencies with Daily update currency exchange rate.
    United States Dollars
    Japanese Yen
    Argentine Peso
    Russian Ruble
    Brunei Dollar
    Canadian Dollar
    Hungarian Forint
    Hongkong Dollar
    Indian Rupee
    Korean Won
    Malaysian Ringgit
    Polish Zloty
    Swedish Krona
    Chinese Yuan Renminbi
    Australian Dollar
    Brazilian Real
    Chilean Peso
    Czech Republic Koruna
    Indonesian Rupiah
    Iranian Rial
    Kuwaiti Dinar
    Norwegian Krone
    Qatar Riyal
    Singapore Dollar
    Swiss Franc
    Thai Baht
    U.A.E. Dirham
    UK Pound Sterling
    Vietnamese Dong
    Colombian Peso
    Danish Krone
    Israeli Shekel
    Icelandic Krona
    Libyan Dinar
    Mexican Peso
    New Zealand Dollar
    Pakistan Rupee
    Saudi Arabian Riyal
    Slovenian Tolar
    South African Rand
    Venezuelan Bolivar...

    Unit Converter Functions

    Unit Converter is a powerful and easy-to-use utility for quick and accurate conversion between almost every possible unit of measure. Supports 39 main groups as Area, Acceleration, Angular, Mass, Pressure, Speed ...

    User's functions

    This module allows users to predefine the formula themselves basing on basic functions of the system. HiCALC supports maximally 26 user functions. It is very useful for people who have to build up a predefined-formula regularly.

    And more...

    Base Conversion, Biorhythms, Lookup constant and Tip are great features in HiCALC also

    Product Support & Upgrade

    If you have registered HiCALC for Desktop PC version 1.0 then you will get all future sub version updates (version 1.xx) for free.

    In the case of any technical problems regarding our product, you are guaranteed to receive support directly from us. If our technical staff fails to assist you setting up and using the software, we will refund you in full.